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The Battlecry line has been designed in conjunction with John Clements, whose knowledge of historical fencing and Medieval and Renaissance fighting methods is unsurpassed. Hand forged by Windlass Steelcrafts, the 1065 high carbon steel is tempered in computer controlled ovens to an RC in the low 50's. This ensures strength and resiliency.

Each model has been put through rigorous physical testing to exceed industry standards. These battle tested weapons have a stone washed, blackened finish. Each is individually inspected at every step of the manufacturing process, and only after passing inspection they receive the armorers stamp on the blade. A certificate is included with each, signed by the craftsman that worked on this buckler.

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Battlecry Collection

Acre Crusader Broadsword

BattleCry Collection, Acre Crusader Broadsword, 39-1/4"

Sales price: 1 ud.

Agincourt War Sword

BattleCry Collection, Agincourt War Sword, 39"

Sales price: 1 ud.

Battlecry Fiore War Hammer

Battlecry Fiore War Hammer, 44-1/4"

Sales price: 1 ud.

Bosworth Longsword

BattleCry Collection, Bosworth Longsword, 47-3/8"

Sales price: 1 ud.

Crecy War Dagger

BattleCry Collection, Crecy War Dagger, 15"

Sales price: 1 ud.

Maldon Seax

BattleCry Collection, Maldon Seax, 21-1/2"

Sales price: 1 ud.

Maldon Viking Sword

BattleCry Collection, Maldon Viking Sword, 36-1/2"

Sales price: 1 ud.

Orleans Battle Axe

BattleCry Collection, Orleans Battle Axe, 31-1/4"

Sales price: 1 ud.

Soldier´s Buckler

BattleCry Collection, Soldier´s Buckler, 12-1/2"

Sales price: 1 ud.

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