Conqueror Warsword - Children - Latex

Conqueror Warsword - Children - Latex
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Conqueror War Sword. Children. Latex. Windlass. Espada Guerra Conquistador. Larp. Marto

Conqueror Warsword - Children - Latex

You have been watching this sword in movies and you wish you were the guy owning this sword. Even your child can have one now with no worries at all, our LARP is 100% safe. This sword has a convoy of a suede wrapped around it, a hard rubber handle and police grade kevlar. So now you have a non tearing thrust and good balance to let your kids be the mighty warrior they always wanted. You must be worried about injuries that can happen? Good News: These swords are made from Latex and not wood, so now you can see your child be the Emperor of Ages.

  • Approved For LARP Use
  • Ideal for LARP events, Practice Weapon, Theatrical Plays Or Movie Prop
  • Well Balanced
  • Black Suede Wrapped Handle
  • Safe play
  • Made of High Quality Latex
  • Light Weight


  • Overall:
  • Wt:

Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®


*Please Note: This is not a metal weapon; it is a quality latex weapon for LARP and other forms of action play.