Desinfeccion1Since the beginning of this health crisis caused by COVID-19, which is hitting the economies of all countries worldwide, our company, Espadas y Sables de Toledo SL, has wanted to take all necessary containment measures to face to this serious and exceptional situation and thus be able to stop the virus.

Once the alarm state (RD463 / 2020) caused by the pandemic was declared, we has carried out a series of protocols and actions to ensure our clients that our Company complies with the strict disinfection and sanitation protocols set by the Health Authorities and thus guarantee that our facilities and all the products that leave our factory, are free of Covid-19.


  • • Plan a series of protocols whose objective is to guarantee the safety and health of workers, integrating the prevention of workplace risks and the prevention of Covid infection19.
  • • Design an Action and Contingency Plan against the spread of Coronavirus to ensure the activity of the company and thus protect the health of workers.
  • • Carry out a series of protocols and actions whose objective is to contribute to the containment and mitigation of the disease, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare. Protect workers to the maximum in the work environment by establishing the necessary measures for the supervision of working conditions in terms of health and safety in relation to the Covid-19. Surveillance and monitoring of the correct execution of hygiene and safety measures within the company.


  • • Preventive cleaning and disinfection of all facilities and work equipment carried out by an APPROVED PROFESSIONAL COMPANY (We have an OFFICIAL certificate of disinfection issued by the company)
  • • Regular cleaning and disinfection as maintenance, carried out by an APPROVED PROFESSIONAL COMPANY that guarantees the hygiene of the workplace intensified with normal practice.
  • • Daily maintenance (and whenever necessary) of cleaning, disinfection and sanitization by the cleaning staff of all facilities. The procedure includes all common areas (stairs, hallways, elevators, changing rooms, toilets, etc.), frequently touched surfaces and objects, measures for cleaning the toilets (toilets, taps and door knobs) and all the jobs as well as the material used, machines, tools, vehicles, etc. with approved and virucidal disinfectants authorized by the Ministry of Health, to guarantee the safety of work environments, thus complying with the requirements set by the Public Health Authorities.
  • • The Company implements an Action and Contingency Plan to protect the health of workers as well as control measures to eliminate risks and minimize the exposure of workers, establishing collective measures and complementing them with individual measures, such as the provision of equipment for individual protection (PPE): organizational measures, technical measures and individual protection measures that guarantee adequate protection for all personnel. All workers have all the information and training on the measures taken on prevention and hygiene in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health.
  • • Continuity and Contingency Plan against Covid-19 with an approved company for the Prevention of Occupational Risks, complying with preventive measures of a collective and individual nature to avoid infections.
  • • Preparation of a protocol of action in case of contagion. The company has made a contingency plan, identifying the risk of exposure to the virus from the different activities that take place in the workplace, adopting protective measures in each case in accordance with the regulations. A protocol will be established in the event that a worker manifests symptoms at his job, to protect him and protect the rest of the workforce (according to the Procedure for occupational risk prevention services against exposure to SARSCoV-2 (COVID19) of the Ministry of Health 04/30/2020).


  •  Delivery of EPIS (Personal Protective Equipment) to workers, training and informing when their use is required and giving instructions regarding their correct use and maintenance. Gloves, masks, face shield, hydroalcoholic gel, etc. as well as soap, disinfectants and other hygiene products necessary to follow the individual recommendations, adapting to each specific activity. Information is provided on hygienic measures, such as frequent hand washing, ventilation of the workplace, and the cleaning of surfaces and objects to guarantee the safety and health of the workers at your  service in all aspects related  to work by putting the necessary hygienic material is avalaible to working people, and adopting the necessary cleaning protocols. We verify the channels of purchase  and  supply of personal  protective equipment and hygiene items to guarantee the safety and health of our workers.



  • • The company has taken organizational and preventive measures against Covid-19, complying at all times with labor regulations, which temporarily avoid situations of social contact, to ensure their safety and health.
  • Implementation of telework as a temporary measure in the jobs where it has been possible.
  • Maintenance of the minimum safety distance of 2 meters between workers, to minimize physical contact between them.
  • Organization of shifts in the changing room areas and departure time to avoid crowds.
  • Flexibility of departure times to avoid the concurrence of people.
  • • For staff information, informative posters have been placed on the Covid-19 Protection protocol in the Work Centers and performance standards: in work and common areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms, hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene, correct use of Epis, etc.
  • • To prevent the entry of the virus, it is necessary to verify that the supplying companies comply with the Action Procedure for the Occupational Risk Prevention Services against exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and comply with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare to fight the virus in its facilities, workers and supplied materials.
  • • The company proceeds to review the measures for coordinating business activities with concurrent companies in the workplace to verify that compliance with the requirements and requirements established by the health authorities for Covid-19 is guaranteed.
  • • Preventive measures have been taken for our clients, establishing product collection systems with staggered delivery to avoid crowds inside and access and with all preventive measures according to the guidelines set by the Health Authorities to guarantee the safety of our customers.