Who We Are

Our company located in Toledo, has collected all the knowledge and experience of over 100 years of specialized work in the manufacture of our traditional craft from Toledo and has irreplaceable master craftsmen, sword makers, experts and professionals, some trained in the historic National Factory of Weapons from Toledo, who continue today playing this work, keeping prominently deserved prestige, nationally and internationally, that have all our brands - Marto, Bermejo.

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Marto is known internationally as a leader in the manufacture of swords, but it is not just a swords factory but it also has different lines of manufacturing and marketing of the main crafts from Toledo. We have a very artisan division dedicated to the manufacture of armors, shields and other accessories of different products.

Among other brands  we can highlight Bermejo, the oldest brand, a world leader in the manufacture of swords and military swords carried by armies around the world.

fachadaWe have a New Products Department, with great creativity and cutting-edge technology to maintain our high level of quality and production.

In different sections: Marto, Bermejo, Museum Replicas, Windlass Steelcrafts and Templars can find all of our items: Swords (Historical, Great and Legend) Sabers, Armors and accessories, Oriental Weapons, and many items related to the world of the Templars and Medieval World.

We confirm that our commitment to quality and finish, care and services, are fully guaranteed and our goal is to offer maximum attention to their needs beforehand thanking few tips and criticism make us to build a successful future together.


Our Brands

marca01Toledo is famous for its history, its art and its “STEEL”.The fame of the Toledo steel was enrooted in the mastery with which some artificers handled tempering, without any technical knowledge, or instrument capable of measuring, by far, the high temperatures for such magical treatment and transformation. This ability and mastery, “THE SECRET OF THE TEMPER”  Read More >>


marca02The Spanish tradition of making swords have the city of Toledo its centre, Bermejo is a faithful keeper of this tradition since 1910. Presently, Bermejo is the oldest company dedicated to this fabrication taking up the first place over the world in the field of the militaries swords and sabers. Armies of the five continents, may adorn their uniforms with the sword of Bermejo. Read More >>


Between 1108 and 1118 there where founded three orders of religious – military character to help and to protect the pilgrims who were going to the Holy Lands: the order of the Poor knight of Christ, known later as the Order of the Templar, the Order of the Hospitable of San Juan from Jerusalem, and the Order of the Hospitable Teutonic. Read More >>